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A mother’s son’s hair prevents her from finding a school for him

Every school upholds policies and procedures, frequently compelling parents and kids to abide by them even when they don’t seem necessary. And this is where Farouk James, age 11, comes into our lives. Well-known on social media for his distinctive hair, he’s having trouble finding a school that values his individuality.

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Finding a school for 11-year-old Farouk James, a well-known child model in the fashion industry with over 250,000 Instagram followers, and his mother Bonnie are confronting a difficult challenge. Schools in the UK frequently advise parents to cut Farouk’s hair before he returns to class because of the country’s strict hair-length regulations.

Given that her son’s hair was completely natural and hadn’t been coloured or groomed, Bonnie thought this was unjust. She claimed that the school would not be against Farouk’s hair length if he were a girl, seeing this as an obvious instance of prejudice.

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Farouk has always had thick hair, which prenatal scans showed even before she was born. He loves his hair and gets angry if he has to cut it in order to go to school.

When Bonnie had first enrolled Farouk’s older brother, the subject of hair length had come up frequently. Her older son, who is now 23 years old, was judged to have hair that was “too short,” so she had thought that the school’s hair policy could have changed since then.

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She did find, though, that there were still a lot of school policies in place governing attire. This implied that in order for Farouk to go to school, he would have to shave his hair, an idea Bonnie vehemently opposed.

Bonnie responded by starting a viral campaign for change and enlisting the help of other parents going through a similar situation, especially those whose kids had Afro and dreadlocks hairstyles. Bonnie, together with her son, hopes to question these seemingly random school policies and effect real change.

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We’re assembling a legitimate team that we’re referring to as the Mane Generation. We will continue to battle until these regulations are altered. And it’s not limited to the UK; it’s worldwide,” she said.

For males, having long hair is more than just a certain haircut; it’s a way to express oneself, feel empowered, and defy social expectations. It’s a decision that showcases your strength and uniqueness.

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  1. I can’t believe these ludicrous hair regulations are still being argued today. I went through the same thing when I went to school in the 60s and 70s. Seems like a distraction from institutional flaws in the school by shining a light on students who deserve better treatment.

  2. I had a Mohawk in school I don’t see the issue it’s his choice another example of Gerry cinnamons lyrics

    “Schools run by fools, leave to get education”

  3. The title of this article is a lie.

    It’s not his HAIR .

    It’s the LENGTH of his hair that is a problem.

    It’s Not Racism if the Lengths is a general requirement for all students.

    I hate these demonic liars antisocial, delusional rules breakers that falsely lean on Black peoples’ backs in the Black peoples’ real fight for equal protection and rights.

    These people erode the value of real issues that are still taking place.

  4. She said that the regulations on male hair is unfair due to the regulations on girls hair allows longer lengths. Wake up. He’s a boy and not a girl.

    • Males can have long hair too just like females can have short hair, schools don’t tell girls with short hair they have to grow it to a certain length do they…is slash a girl? Nope a very handsome man with absolutely awesome long hair!!

    • That’s not an issue here, it didn’t matter if he tied his hair back or braid it, the school still will have an issues with his hair no matter what he does with it it’s about THE LENGTH of his hair, not how his hair is fixed. The school are having an issue with the length of his hair because he’s a boy.

  5. His hair is beautiful, maybe compromise, he could have it tied back for school, my grandson wears his hair long( not as long or thick as this young boy) but while at work his hair is tied back out of the way, Farouk is in the fashion industry, so his hair is part of the look, when he’s modelling, but when in school it could be tied back.

  6. So for safety issues pull it back in a ponytail when he’s at school and then let him have his way when he’s at home.
    You can teach your son to be an individual, as well as respect, rules, and regulations and authority. It’s a win-win.!!!
    Stop creating self entitled brats in this world!!!

  7. I remember when I was at school. The headmaster had a go at me and another boy because he thought our hair was too long. A couple of hours later he was calling out another boy because he had a skinhead cut – too short! You just couldn’t win with that bloke. Some things never change!

  8. I remember being in school and dreaded sitting behind a girl who had frizzy hair about a tenth of the length of that boy’s. I couldn’t see a thing the teacher was writing on the blackboard. You can’t see past hair like that. If he were to sit at the back of the room, not a problem

    • I agree. My son grew his hair very long in his early teens until he was in his fourties. I never had a problem as long as he kept it clean. He graduated from highschool and college with long hair. Now my grandson is following in his father’s footsteps. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

  9. His hair is what has made him a model so if it’s cut he probably wouldn’t be one anymore. I would either braid it or put it in a ponytail. Easy peasy, case closed!

  10. just braid it or in some way put his hair up while he is in school. If one is sitting behind him they couldn’t see around him or a her with wild hair. I think his hair is beautiful and should not be forced to cut it, but he or a her should control their hair while in school.


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